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Warranty Registration

Is this shelter:  
The first popup shade in your household or business
An addition to another brand shelter in your household or business
A replacement for a Undercover Shelter
A replacement for another branded shelter
What other brands did you consider before making this purchase (check all the apply)
EZ-UP Norstar
Caravan KD Kanopy
Quik-Shade Other
On average, how many times per month do you use your popup shelter?
Once a month Twice a month
Once a week Twice a week
More than twice per week  
To help us understand our customers’ lifestyles, please indicate the interest and activities in which you or your spouse enjoy participating on a regular basis.
Gardening Bicycling
Arts & Crafts Golf
Automotive work Running/Jogging
Photography Snow Skiing
Home video recording Tennis
Gourmet Cooking Camping/Hiking
NASCAR Hunting/Fishing
Select the 3 most important factors influencing your purchase of this product.
Undercover brand reputation Price Prior experience with Undercover Store display
Special features Style/Color/Appearance Quality/Durability
Ease of Use Friend/Relative Recommendation Special promotion
Undercover warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 24 months from the purchase date. This warranty is void if the product is used under any other than normal and expected uses as determined by the manufacturer. It is void and DOES NOT APPLY TO DAMAGE CAUSED BY WIND, RAIN OR OTHER FORCES OF NATURE. NOR DOES IT APPLY TO DAMAGE DIRECTLY RELATED TO ABUSE, NEGLECT WHETHER ACCIDENTAL OR DELIBERATE. This Undercover warranty is provided in lieu of all other warranties.